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How to interact with others on Instagram

How to interact with others on Instagram

Posted on August 15, 2017

How to interact with others on Instagram


Liking is a simple way to connect with other users. To like a photo, either double-tap the image or tap the heart button under the post. To view photos you've liked, go to your profile, press the gear button on the top-right corner and select Posts You've Liked.


Next to the Like button is a Comment button — just tap it, and the app will take you to the Comments page for that photo, with a text box where you can enter what you want to say and hit Send when it's complete.


As on Twitter, you can use the @ symbol to tag other users in your Instagram comments or post captions. When you type the @ symbol, followed by the first letter of a person's username, it will bring up a list of people to select from; or, you can simply finish typing out the person's username on your own. If you want to reply to another user's comment, you need to tag the person this way, or else that user won't get a notification.


Just as you can tag other users in your photos on Facebook, Instagram allows you to add tags before you post an image or video. To do so, tap the Tag People option before sharing your photo, and then tap where in the photo you'd like to add a tag. The app will then prompt you to type in the person's name to search for his or her account Once you've tagged other users in your photo and shared the image, other users can tap on the photo to see the people who are tagged.

Direct messaging

To access Instagram Direct, go to the home page and tap the button in the top-right corner. Here, you can send private instant messages, photos and videos to other users. To send a new direct message (DM), tap the "+" button in the top-right corner, and select Send Photo or Video, or Send Message. Once you've sent the message, you and the recipients can message back and forth. Users who are not already following you will be asked whether they want to allow you to send them photos and videos before they can view your direct message.

Adding photos

To post a new photo, tap the add (camera) button on the bottom of your screen. This will open your phone's camera, and you can choose either to take a new photo or video, or select one from your camera roll.

Upon clicking Next, you'll be taken to a screen with multiple options, including Instagram's filters and an Edit button, which will allow you to adjust the photo by changing the brightness, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, color, fade, highlights and shadows. You can also add a vignette or tilt-shift the picture.

Once you've edited the photo to your liking, click Next. This gives you two options: You can post the photo to your public feed or send it directly to a friend (or friends).

If you choose to make it public, write a caption to describe the picture, add a location to geotag it, tag people and share it on multiple platforms. You have the option to turn off comments, found at the bottom of the Advanced Settings page.

If you choose to send the picture directly to someone else, simply compose a caption and send it to one or multiple friends.

Before posting public photos, business owners should consider adding hashtags to their picture for optimal exposure (more on hashtagging later). For example, pictures of dogs often have #DogsofInstagram, while pictures of food may be tagged #Food. Instagram users often search through these hashtags to peruse photos (and videos) that fit their particular interests. Careful hashtagging has the potential to bring in more followers and interest in your business.

If you want to change or add something after you've published a post, tap the ellipses (…) button on that post and select Edit to update the caption or add a location or tags. You can also share the post on other social networks, or delete the post if you're unhappy with it.

Instagram Video

You can take and stream live video that disappears — sort of like a combination between Facebook Live and Snapchat. You can give customers a live look behind the scenes of interesting aspects of your business (or answer live questions through the comments). Once the video has ended, it is no longer available anywhere, which sets it apart from Facebook.

If you're looking to take video that remains on your Instagram feed, you can upload video you've taken or take video directly through the app to post. If you choose to take or upload video, you can still add filters and change the cover. You also have the option of whether to include sound.

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