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LCCC Digital Academy
  • LCCC Digital Academy

  • Date: Fri 16 Feb 24
  • Location:

The Digital Academy is aimed at helping non-digital, under-employed, and unemployed people to upskill and gain new digital skills so they can enhance their job prospects, be more valuable to their current employer, or, if unemployed, secure a good digital marketing job.

This programme is suitable for someone looking to change jobs, someone who is unemployed or under-employed, or someone working in a company that wants to upskill and change positions towards digital marketing. This programme is not suitable for people who are already working in the digital marketing industry.

The key requirements for eligibility are:

1. The participant is over 21 years old

2. They are unemployed or under-employed, i.e. doing a job that could be improved if they gained new skills

3. They live in the Lisburn and Castlereagh Council boundary

The academy will run over February and March with online and in-person classes. The dates and times for these classes are still being finalised, but they will be flexible to suit the needs of as many people as possible.

The plan for the academy is to provide each participant with a bespoke training plan and deliver 8 intensive digital marketing sessions, including:

1. Digital Strategy

2. Video Creation using a Mobile Phone

3. Using AI

4. Building a Website in 1 Day using Wix

5. Cybersecurity

6. LinkedIn

7. Social Media Strategy

8. Developing Employment Skills for the Digital Sector

Each session is planned to last around 4-6 hours. They will be held in person and online, so if you miss a session, you will be able to catch up. All online sessions will be recorded and available to re watch.

Additionally, those who complete the academy will receive 2 certifications: one for cybersecurity and one for digital marketing skills. The programme also features a check-in after 6 months to see how the skills have helped the participants develop.

The signup process for the Digital Academy is simple: just fill out the online form with your contact information. Then, we will give you a call to confirm your place on the programme and answer any questions!