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  • Relationships : The Key to Business Success
Relationships : The Key to Business Success
  • Relationships : The Key to Business Success

  • Date: Thu 23 May 24
  • Time: 10.00am
  • Location: East Belfast Enterprise

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The way you manage your business relationships with suppliers, buyers, or key customers, can make all the difference to your success, particularly when you face challenges.

In this interactive session, we will provide you with practical advice and clever but simple ways to not only build, enhance, and sustain valuable relationships but also to transform them into collaborative partnerships. Learn how to seamlessly integrate suppliers, buyers, and customers into your extended team, expanding your business's capabilities.

We will cover common mistakes and how to avoid them, and how to deal with difficult personalities, situations, and conflict. You'll leave with a deeper understanding of supplier and customer perspectives, essential tools for nurturing high-performance relationships, and strategies for analysing business performance to inform your future planning.

Session Outcomes

· Gain insight into the mindset of suppliers and key customers

· Learn to navigate common relationship pitfalls and avoid costly mistakes

· Build trust and respect with key stakeholders

· Effectively manage challenging people and conflicts

· Acquire tools for nurturing high-performance relationships

· Master the art of analysing business performance for strategic planning